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If you appreciate high quality poker tables, Vegas style cards and tournament style poker in a plush environment, then come get your seat. We pride ourselves on being Portland’s classiest and highest end VIP poker club. We also have flat screens, a large sports projector, board games and tons of parking. Come join the poker elite and poker players of all talent levels. Deal me in!


April Ace of Spades 2015

OPEN Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Fights Saturday Sports Sunday


$1/2 NL First Hour

$1/2NL,$2/1NL & $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em

$1/2 NL, $2/1 NL 2 $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em

$1/2 NL, $2/1 NL & $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em

$1/2 NL, $2/1 NL & $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em

$1/2 NL, $2/1 NL & $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em

$1/2 NL, $2/1 NL & $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em


.$50/.1 NL, $1/2 NL, $2/1 NL & $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em



$5 Door Entry If Bought In Prior To 11:30AM 





Vegas WSOP SHOOTOUT Tournament 1PM 4/15

2:00 PM

3:00 PM

 4:00PM PLAYER APPRECIATION DAY 2.0! Every 1st Sunday of the month (starting this March 29th 4PM). $1,000 FREEROLL GUARANTEE & COMPLIMENTARY CATERED PIZZA – VIA CHICAGO PIZZA BAR BUFFET first hour!  We want to THANK OUR PLAYERS!! Monte Carlo style added prizes: 5PM High Hand prize, 6PM Jacks or Better prize, 7PM Valuable mystery raffle (don’t want to miss this, raffle ticket per rebuy/buy-in). 8PM $200 GTD Turbo.  $4 Jack/Bacardi/Soco &Coke (Open-Close). TONS OF FREE PARKING!!!


5-8 players needed for most tournaments at sole discretion of AOS Mgmt. It is our goal to run every tournament with enough players to assure a competitive environment. Holidays & adverse weather may result in Mgmt. changes to posted guarantees. Vegas Tournaments min 12 players.


Vegas WSOP HYPER Tournament 7PM 4/15 $40

Vegas WSOP COLLUSSUS Tournament 7PM 4/1 $30

Vegas WSOP COLLUSSUS Tournament 7PM 4/3, 4/10 $30

Vegas WSOP LADIES Only Tournament 7PM 4/24 $50

Vegas WSOP HYPER Tournament 4/24 7PM $50

Vegas WSOP HYPER Tournament 4/11 1PM $50

Vegas WSOP COLLUSSUS Tournament 4/18 6PM $30

Vegas WSOP MILLIONAIRE MAKER Tournament 4/25 6PM $50 **Valuable Raffle 9PM (can’t miss)

Vegas Cash Game Tournament (shootout) 4/11 6PM


Vegas FREEROLL Tournament 4/12, 4/19, 4/26 4PM (no buy-in) **Free $1k chip signed in before start

PLAYER DAY 2.0! $1,000 FREEROLL EVERY 1ST SUNDAY, starts this March 29th 4pm.  Hourly prizes, major 7pm raffle, $200 Turbo 8pm, $4 jack/coke (open-close) **$1K bonus chip signed in before start. Free cater pizza (Chicago pizza) first hour


*There is a $10 membership fee for daily admission

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