We are proud to announce The Game is here!   Thanks for all your loyal support, suggestions and dedication.  We are dedicated to taking Portland poker to another level by creating an experience only The Game will provide.

We look forward to September when we will introducer a new schedule unique to only The Game, new promotions, new look, more diversity, new menu, new bar selection with customer service at it’s best.

Welcome to the Game

If you appreciate high quality poker tables, Vegas style cards and tournament style poker in a plush environment, then come get your seat. We pride ourselves on being Portland’s classiest and highest end VIP poker club. We also have flat screens, a large sports projector, board games and tons of parking. Come join the poker elite and poker players of all talent levels. Deal me in!


The Game August 2015

OPEN Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Fights Saturday Sunday


$1/2 NL First Hour

$1/2NL,$2/1NL & $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em

$1/2 NL, $2/1 NL 2 $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em

$1/2 NL, $2/1 NL & $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em

$1/2 NL, $2/1 NL & $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em

$1/2 NL, $2/1 NL & $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em

$1/2 NL, $2/1 NL & $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em


.$50/.1 NL, $1/2 NL, $2/1 NL & $3/6 Limit, Texas Hold ‘Em


Early bird $5 door has been removed from August promotion





2:00 PM

3:00 PM

4:00PM Thanks for the supporters of our Player’s Day Program/Sunday $1k freeroll. However, we have discontinued this event in order to better fill our schedule based upon popular demand.


It is our goal to run every tournament with enough players to assure a competitive environment. Holidays & adverse weather may result in Mgmt. changes to posted guarantees.


Texas Hold 2/5 Omaha, Big O, Dealer’s Choice Mixed Game Texas Hold Em’ 2/5 Omaha, Big O, Dealer’s Choice Mixed Game

Dealer’s choice Omaha 2/5


Special Promo: waiving entry fee for Freeroll every Sunday 7pm (started 3 tables, grown from there). Learn or enjoy to play at no risk. Special prizes/quarterly points tracked. Transition to .50/1 shootout tournament after (door waive is for 1st hour of play)


*There is a $10 membership fee for daily admission

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structure/guarantees with regard to extreme weather & holiday